Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bow Down B**tches!!

So the MTV video music awards were on recently, and it's a given that they top the previous year, and this year was no exception.... With winners such as Lorde and shocker performances from Nicki Minja and kick ass dancing from Usher... This years stand out performer was the one and only Queen B.

She rocked the roof with a medley of songs from her newest album, Beyoncé. Twelve songs, jam packed into sixteen minutes of mind melting madness. Wearing this bejewelled mosaic leotard, she was throwing some mean shapes on the stage.

Song list: Mine
No Angel
Drunk In Love (which had me up and out of my seat)

She didn't just perform one track from her new album, she decided to do the WHOLE thing... And she gave every song 110%, which is the usual from B.

Her performance was totally flawless, and fluidly moved from track to track, from fast to slow and from the dancey numbers to the slow power ballads, that Beyoncé is famed for. Not only was her singing on point, her choreography was bang on. She never missed a step and was in total sync with her backing dancers.

Her video backdrops were simple yet powerful, everything from loud bold print words to sweet home family videos. While she sang Blue, she got a bit tearful... Remember this was the same awards show in which she reviled she was pregnant.

Straight after her performance Jay Z and Blue Ivy joined her on stage, where blue declared "Good job, Mommy!" She even got a lil dance on while her Mommy was on stage, super cute.

Beyoncé, was the clear choice to award the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to this year. And it only was right that her hubby Jay Z, and her lil cutie Blue
Ivy were the ones to give it to her, as the "the greatest living entertainer" And its clearly evident from her reaction how much this meant to her.

Beyoncé's choice to do a mash up of her newest album is why she deserved this award, unlike previous winners, she did not dwell on the number one's from her past. She powered through on all the goodness that shes going to be throwing our way this year.

Theres not much else to say except for the whole world to BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN BEE!!!!!


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Saved By The Bell 25 years.... The Fashion

So people my age would have to remember Saved By The Bell.... It played on Nickelodeon way back when and it had the ultimate babe as one of the leading lady. There was Zack Morris and his too cool for school attitude, and his love interest Kelly Kapowski.

Kelly's style was everything 80's and more. She rocked the crop top before everyone else... And lets not forget the mom jeans.

She rocks the double denim and the super quiff hair.... Every girl adored her, probably just as much as Zack Morris and AC Slater.

I love this outfit on her, so young, so fun... And we still live patterned trousers.

Simply stunning in mom jeans.

This crop top is just like the ones on sale nowadays, i love how fashion swings in circles..... Wonder whats next!?

And who can forget the giant oversized jumpers. Wouldn't they look fab with a pair of leggings.

Off the shoulder crop top and mom jean shorts, summers hottest look.

Kelly is every boys onscreen crush and even every girls. Girls wanted to be her and dress like her and boys just wanted to be with her.

Saved by the bell, the best programme around, with the best 80's style.

Just a quick post, nothing fancy.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Mens Fashion, Bonobos Summer Chinos

So Summer is here and it is the season of beach visits and BBQs. And like women's fashion, men's fashion really takes a great twist when it comes to summer wear.

Bonobos, is a fantastic men's clothing site which offers everything from suits to denims, and in this post I'm going to show off their fab Mens Summer Weight Chinos

They have a super collection of colours and come in a crisp light fabric which is pretty perfect when it comes to the sun, that will hopefully be out a lot during summer.

So it depends on how brave you are to wear the array of colours avaiable. Like these super red ones... Team it up with a great sharp suit jacket like above... And if your going to wear a blazer why not pair it up with a pocket square which are also available on Bonobs....

My favourite is this yellow pocket square... But the blue square would work great with a navy blazer.

Or why not try a cute cotton pullover,

You could try the navy but I personally love the light blue.... This summer try to remember that you wardrobe will thank you when you buy bright.

These grey chinos are so cool for summer. I really like this look, it is kinda great with this sailor style vest. If you are going for a casual look this is the perfect way to do it.

But why not throw it together with a cute long sleeved shirt. I adore this floral shirt below. These types of shirts are for the brave and daring, as this pattern can sometimes scream and shout at you, but I'll be honest that's why I love them. The checked shirt is also a great way of making this outfit a bit more appropriate if you wanted to dress it up a little. The light cool colours in this shirt is perfect for the heat, that is sure to follow the sun this summer.

If your a bigger fan of the navy chinos, I stand by the fact that you should always wear them with a very dapper looking shirt, and Bonobos site has all types of shirts for the occasion.

I know I say to go bright but this shirt, I just had to include and it would look super with the bright coloured chinos, maybe the yellow ones.... And yes you read that right, i said yellow chinos.... Seriously classy looking trousers.

This Hawaiian print shirt could be paired with navy or blue chinos aswell and this outfit would still look just as good.

And one last outfit which needs no altering or changing... Are you brave enough to wear pink?

So when you plan on buying your summer wardrobe, for your holiday to bora bora or to somewhere far away like that, why don't you think of Bonobos Men's Clothing, the link is just below and please feel free to comment or share.

Hope you enjoy and remember think bright this summer.